Electronic lock – Keypad Lock Benefits

What You Need to Know about Electronic and Keypad Locks

1. They are Easy to Use

After you get an electronic lock or a keypad installed on your door, you can forget about the keys. Imagine yourself returning home with your hands full of grocery bags or mail. What an inconvenience to dig into your pockets for a key! After installing an electronic lock or keypad on the door all you need to do is just type your pin and it gets your door open.

2. You Can Control Who Gets into Your House

Most of the electronic locks and keypads have an option of having several pins to open. It means you can give a permission to different people to gain access to your home. In other words, when a friend or relative stays over, you can give them their own pin code to enter, end erase the code when they leave. Not having to worry about extra keys is convenient, isn’t it?

3. Despite all the great benefits…

Keep in mind that electronic locks and keypads are battery operated. Make sure to change batteries in electronic locks and keypads on time – at least once a year. Not only low batter power may cause problems to or damage your lock – with no battery, you may get stuck outside one day. And because any lock can go bad any time, it is recommended that you keep a spare key at a close friend, relative, bank safe or at the locksmith you can trust.