Four reasons to change your locks

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Changing the locks on your property can either be a full hardware replace or it could just be rekeying the existing locks. Here are four reasons to change locks around your home.

You’ve bought a new home

Buying a new home is an exciting time. Although your house is new to you, it might not be to somebody else. You never really know if you have been handed every key to the property or if there is more floating about. It’s a good idea to update the locks on a newly owned property.

Your tenants have moved out of your property

Unless you have used a restricted master key system to secure your rental property there may be duplicates of keys that you are unaware of. It’s a good idea to update the locks between tenants. You may also want to consider updating the locks to using a restricted master key system.

Old or faulty locks

Replacing the locks is definitely required when the existing hardware is broken or faulty. Locks that don’t work as they are intended are as good as having no locks at all. It’s a good idea to check the locks on your property every 6 – 12 months to make sure they are functioning as expected. You can also perform some lock maintenance and clean them to help make sure they stay in good working order as long as possible.

You’ve been burgled or lost your keys

If you have been broken into your might have been left with broken or damaged locks. Another reason to change the locks post burglary is that keys may have been amongst stolen items. If you have lost your keys, the security of your home may also be at risk. Rather than replacing hardware, you might just want to rekey the property.

Some other reasons to change the locks around your property can include loaning the keys to somebody or going through a separation or divorce.

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