High Security Lock Benefits

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Close-up Of Lockpicker Hand Opening Door Lock

High Security Locks Are Pick Proof and Bump Proof

There is a dramatic difference between deadbolts sold in store and high security locks like Mul-T Lock and similar brands. Internally, they are made differently. This difference, thanks to the telescopic pins in the high security locks, makes them pick proof and bump proof.

Only You Can Control Your Keys

Not only the high security locks are built differently, the keys are made differently, too. They are made using the special key blanks and are cut the special way. When you can make duplicate of regular keys at a locksmith shop or a hardware store, at the same time, it takes special machines and techniques to cut the keys for high security locks, and the hardware stores just do not carry either. In addition, high security locks come with an ID card with codes necessary to cut the keys. There is no way to make a key without an ID card. This way, you are sure that nobody makes copies of your keys without your permission.