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If you need a reliable lock rekey service for your home’s exterior doors, our technicians are ready to rekey all of them and make sure you can control all of them using the same key. Have you moved to a new location? Can’t find your key anymore? Are you afraid of a potential hack attempt? Allow us to provide you with the residential lock rekeying services you need.

Get in touch with Prime Locksmith! We are the number one locksmith in the area. And we offer affordable and accurate lock re-key solutions to a variety of clients. Save money on lock replacement for your home needs with us.

What is lock rekeying?

Re-keying a lock is a process that refers to switching the tumblers in the cylinder of a lock to prevent an older key from unlocking the door. In other words, lock re-keying is the recording of an already existing lock in order to allow it to accept a brand new.

Our lock rekeying services in Las Vegas

We specialise in the entire array of lock re-keying solutions for residential and commercial buildings. These are some of the most frequent lock re-keying services we are hired to do:

  • residential lock re-keying for deadbolts and mortise locks
  • mailing box lock re-keying
  • office cabinet lock re-keying
  • cabinet door lock re-keying

Residential lock re-key in Las Vegas

Are you facing a number of issues with your locks, such as jamming? Has your house been broken into and the door broken? We recommend you to try our home re-key services. We can handle anything from front and back door lock re-keying to interior door re-key solutions. Re-keying is a more affordable way of strengthening security on your home without spending a lot of money on buying a brand new set of locks. If you simply want to make the old keys to your apartment or house impossible to use on the current lock, re-keying is the answer.

Lock rekeying is necessary in a number of instances

  1. When you have lost your keys or you suspect they were stolen. This is one of the most important reasons why you may need to hire locksmith rekeying experts. Immediately restore security on your home once you discover you are unable to locate your keys with our fast rekey service.
  2. To get better control of your property. Our mobile lock rekeying crew can help you keep guests who are not welcome on the premises away from your home or mailbox. Whether you have recently evicted a difficult roommate or tenant or ended a relationship and you want to be the only person who can access your property, opt for lock rekeying.
  3. Your property has been recently burglarized. If your home has fallen victim to a burglary, call an emergency locksmith and ask them to have all locks rekeyed.
  4. When you’re getting ready to move into a new home. If you want to make sure that none of the old owners, babysitters, construction workers, or handymen are still carrying one of the old keys to your property, give us a call.

Competitive lock re-key prices & top service

Lock rekeying services are more affordable than new lock installation, yet almost equally effective in most instances. If you are not sure if your home locks should be re-keyed or completely replaced, give us a call. Choose to re-key your locks with us and benefit from higher levels of security at home or at your office. We can help you save money on new lock installation and enjoy more peace of mind knowing you are well guarded against any kind of threat or vulnerability. Also we specialize in the entire range of lock re-keying solutions using expert tools that guarantee zero-damage solutions. We cover all brands and models of locks and we offer the most affordable lock rekey prices in Las Vegas.

Lock rekeying