Security safe installation in Las Vegas

We install safes in Las Vegas.

We are proud to be the specialists in commercial safes and home safe installation in Las Vegas. Prime Locksmith specialist can help you choose the right safe that fits your needs. We will install the safe of your choice quickly and professionally at a time convenient to you.

Security safe installation in Las Vegas

Security Safes Supplied and Fitted In Las Vegas

Security safes are used widely. We all need extra security to protect the most vunerable belongings. From a businessman who wants to protect own savings to a housewife who wants to keep that weddind jewelry set in a safe place, we all are looking for a place to trust.

Our company is proud to use only the best safe equipment and and highly experienced safe installers. We supply and fit a broad range of high quality high security safes of different grades, sizes and types in Las Vegas.

Call us to meet your safe requirements and preferences. We can help you choose the best safe and safe installation for all your needs.

Security Safes Supplied and Fitted In Las Vegas

Graded Safes and Non Graded Safes

If you are looking for a graded safe or an non graded safe we can help. Read our graded safe guide which also shows safe cash ratings and valuables ratings for both secure graded safes as well as non graded safes.

We install a wide range of safe brands and safe types.

Safe Types

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The Best Type of Safe Locking Method?

The best type of safe for a customer varies depending on the needs of the customer and their personal preferences. The main types of safe locking methods are:

Digital Safes

Digital Safes las vegas nv

Digital safes are the most commonly requested safe type in our experience.

Key Operated Safes

Key Operated Safes las vegas nv

This is still a preference for some customers who prefer not to choose a digital safe.

Fingerprint Safe

Fingerprint Safe las vegas nv

These are relatively new to the market and are growing in popularity. They can usually be opened by up to 5 fingerprints and are cutting edge technology.

Combination Safes

Combination Safes las vegas nv

These are no longer common as they have been replaced by the ever increasing popularity of Digital Safe.

As a residential and commercial licenced locksmith, we provide sound and honest advice on all safes based on the needs of the customer. We supply only high quality products, cater for a range of budgets and offer extremely competitive prices.

Why Use a Security Safe?

Having high security safes installed in your house or business is one of the most effective ways to protect your valuables from theft. Safes are becoming increasingly popular in Las Vegas. The safe can be used to store precious items like:
Some of these things can never be replaced if stolen. Don’t wait until it is too late precaution can prevent unnecessary problems. Safes installation, if done well, can be in a discreet location in your property.

Choosing the Ideal Security Safe

At Prime Locksmith we are experienced safe specialists and can offer you the best advice when it comes to choosing a safe. Different safe types and safe grades are required for different items depending on the contents and value. Sizes can vary from large freestanding safes to small safes better suited to items like jewelry. Most safes will have a key lock, combination lock or digital locking system. It is all about choosing the ideal safe for each individual customer and set of circumstances.

Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Security Safe

This is something that requires considerable thought, experience and expertise. Choosing a location for a safe and the method of fitting is not a job for an amateur. Safes may be bolted to the floor or fitted to a wall. It all depends on the customer’s requirements, the size of the safe and the specifics of the property get involved. For a locksmith technician, safes can present quite a challenge at times. It is a challenge that we enjoy! Experience is so important when it comes to safes fitting and we have fitted many Las Vegas safes over time.